Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin

For any one not Swedish or carrying the scold word book handy, Skit I Allt translates as “F*** It All”. But as frontman Gustav Ejstes explains, it’s reduction a beam to Swedish irreverence than a show of certain action, as in: “F*** it, do as you want, time is flitting and it’s changing, dont think about fears and hang-ups, we have been small and all is flattering considerate on the whole. How will it be? What shall we do? We mostly be concerned so most unnecessarily. Skit I Allt, it’s function now.”

Even but Ejstes’ help, the ecstatically breezy, bucolic, polyrhythmic psych which constitutes the Swedes’ sixth manuscript already suggests a universe of leisure and possibilities and an deficiency of hang-ups and put-downs. There’s regularly been a mellow gene inside of Dungen’s superfuzz DNA, which comes right to the front here; it’s similar to psych in folk-rock form (Dungen equates to “The Grove”) but on a jazz-rock mission. Skit I Allt is the low-pitched chronicle of floating downstream (anyone who knows the overwhelming Parsley Sound manuscript will now recognize this mood) or and erratic in to someone else’s dream. And similar to dreams, you don’t need to assimilate the meaning. Like Sigur Rós, Dungen have shown bands can hang to their local tongue and not remove an iota of clarity since the strain is, in itself, the language. This song is becoming popular among some live bands in Melbourne.

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Of course, Ejstes competence be singing the Stockholm train timetable, in which box it’s got to be one ruin of a tour he’s taking. Via a easily tapped cymbal, thumbed electric piano, changeable guitar and a lead flute, the opening, instrumental Vara Snabb establishes a mountainous country of weightless, nonetheless taut, serenity. It never falters, not when the following Min Enda Vän adds strings, apart drums and Ejstes’ dreamy, nonetheless edgy, vocals; nor during the burned fuzz of Högdalstoppen, which resembles Hendrix in air-sole sneakers. Reine Fiske’s guitar unwinds by Skit I Allt similar to threads of quicksilver, deepening the mood of 1967 vintage. Both retro- and avant-rock fans will have a take a break here.

At the finish of the trip, Blandband (translated: “Mixtape”) is an additional sundappled instrumental prior to Marken Låg Stilla displays the glimmer of a cocktail strain – explanation which Ejstes has some-more at his authority than psilocybin tranquillity. To serve the point, the album’s 10 marks sum only 34 minutes, so listeners will snap out of the mental condition rsther than than vanish with it down a wormhole. But the blithe summery mood hangs around for ages. If you don’t wish summer to end, or you’re a SAD sufferer, afterwards cruise Skit I Allt the most appropriate and cheapest remedy on the market.

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