The Top 5 Wealthiest CEO’s In The World


In the business world, we have heard a lot about the top executives and CEO of different successful companies around the world. Have you ever wondered who is the best among them? Well, let me give you an insight on who are the wealthiest around the globe. Let’s check them out and their journey to success.

Rank # 5: Mark Zuckerberg

His Net Worth: $34.3 billion
He is the man we should all thank for Facebook. He is a man drove by passion. He also purchased WhatsApp, and that was the time when his net worth doubled.

Rank #4: Jim Walton

His Net Worth: $36.8 billion
The CEO of Arvest Bank Group is the son of Sam Walton. Their family is none other than the people behind Wal-Mart. It is the retail store that created the fortune for the Walton’s.

Rank #3: Charles Koch

His Net Worth: $43.3 billion
The CEO of Koch Industries has increased his net worth drastically after buying Molex and Buckeye Technologies. Aside from that, he got some interest when it comes to politics with a controversy way back the mid-term election for 2014.

Rank #2: Larry Ellison

His Net Worth: $49.6 billion
Ever heard of the Oracle Corporation? It has been spearheaded by none other than Larry Ellison. His wealth doesn’t stop there, though. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Lanai Island in Hawaii. He owns almost all of it. There’s just about 2% part of the island that doesn’t belong to him.

Rank #1: Warren Buffett

His Net Worth: $69.3 billion
The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway is the wealthiest CEO up to this date. He seemed to have invested in all sorts of businesses and his wealth just keeps on increasing. You can check out The Intelligent Investment book if you want a preview on how he achieved his success.

These people should serve as a motivation to all of us who wants to be successful like them.

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